Hello world!

The subtitle of the address should read something like “or the meanders of a computer enthusiast between Windows and Linux, virtualization and old laptops/desktops, with for sole guide a never-ending thirst for new stuff and amazement for open-source offerings!” Yeap, that sums it up, albeit in a rather pompous fashion.

As a short intro, I work in the IT department of a big insurance company and look after software maintenance/upgrades/patches. In my spare time, I do some more of that stuff at home! I am really into Linux in theory (open-source and so many possibilities Рyou can even get an application to tell you about the dozens of Linux-based OSes out there and simplify locating the latest downloads Рcheck http://getlinux.sourceforge.net/index.html) but at heart, I am a point-and-click type of guy and more importantly, I like when I get something to work that it stays that way! Yes Ubuntu I am looking at you with those automated upgrades that break regularly set-ups on which I sweated blood and tears! So Windows something as a base Р actually Windows Home Server 2003 as a base with its rather impressive  disk extender capabilities (with built-in redundancy if you please).

I have created this blog mostly to keep track of what I am doing (everything is an experiment so expect no continuation and very little logic), but by documenting stuff along the way, maybe that could still even be of use to somebody?