NAS Server

For a Solaris ZVF NAS

Why: because ZVF offers best read/write performance and offers software RAID.

Background Reading:

Evaluated OSes: Eon-Storage (no-go, wget doesn’t work), Illumian (headless server), Open Indiana (desktop), Solaris Express 11 (desktop) and Solaris 11/11 (headless server).
Preference to officially supported systems: Solaris Express 11 and Solaris 11/11.
Overall preferred option is Solaris Express 11 because it supports 32 and 64-bit, whereas Solaris 11/11 only supports 64-bit.
Hardware Specs for Solaris Express 11 here

Step 1 – NAPP-IT (Install XAMP BEFORE NAS),+ready+to+use+NAS+SAN+storage+server+with+WEB-GUI

Step 2
Open Terminal and su root. Password for root set at install time is set to expire so we need to reset the password before using it to open Package Manager.

Step 3
Install Transmission via package manager. Set-it to start as Start-Up program. Start user to auto-login.

Next Steps?

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