Cloning Physical/Virtual Machine

When you have a VMWare ESXi server, there is a free VMWare Converter tool available to convert both physical and virtual machines to an ESXi virtual machine.


  1. For Windows machine, you do need the ESXi server as a destination, for Linux machines, you can just convert them to a VMWare image. You also need to turn off simple file sharing and the firewall.
  2. If the conversion process fails, you may get weird error messages when you try to re-run the process. I had to uninstall and re-install the Converter tool.

Jailbreak iPod Touch 1st Gen iOS 3.X

Got fed up of old unupgradable iOS (on iPod Touch 1st Gen, iOs 3.2.1 is about as far as you can go) and to have a look at whited00r (alternative to older iOS versions as per SourceForge newsletter). Amongst other things, it allows you to turn on openSSN on your iPod (and access the filesystem directly through Putty/Filezilla).

Some tools and reference – beside the whited00r installer which works like a charm first time.

Cyder2 is a utility for Windows users which allows you to download and install a Cydia application (deb file) with your PC and there is no version of this for mac
Tutorial for Cyder2

Discontinued from Cydia store but lite version still installable from deb file directly to iPod using Cyder2. Main advantage is that it plays from wherever you set it to play from.
Deb file

Allows to push music to iPod through direct copy and refreshes the iTunes database so the music actually shows up on the official Music app. iPod shows as a Device though so you can’t assign a drive letter to it and so not use any music manager like MediaMonkey which relies on a drive letter to sync to the device. Trial version available.