ESXI 4.1 to 5 and running a virtual Mac

Upgrade from ESXi 4.1  to 5 is a doddle – follow those very detailled instructions together with printscreens and you can’t go wrong

Running a virtual Mac is pretty straightforward as well (at least on ESXi 5, hence the upgrade step for me above), get the patch here, follow the installation instructions that comes with it and hey presto, you now have Mac OS options appearing in your OS drop down options (under Others). Get yourself an ISO – JaS or IATKOS for the Intel-based hardware and everything installed fine!


PfSense – Make your own router!

Pfsense is an operating system that allows you to transform a spare computer with 2 network cards into a state of the art router with more options than you could ever dream off!

Caveat, not just any old computer. My first attempt was on a Pentium III, 512 GB RAM and I think that is why I had to go back to my Linksys after a couple of weeks because of packet dropping and random kernel panics. I will make a second attempt on a better spec machine time permitting. If that doesn’t work, maybe I need to upgrade my network cards.

Main advantages:

– vhosts – host your website on your router! vhosts-http needs to be started as a service (Status->Services) and status will not show as started (but it works fine). Also to note, address for vhost01.local on 8001/ is

– FTP access – username is root by default with the same password than the web console.

– PeerGuardian package – Uses blacklists to let you download in peace!

Popcorn A-210 Media Player

First off, out of the box, you get to share your popcorn as a network share (Samba).

Second, you need to get the NMT (Network Media Installer) – intro here and actual site here. Using this, I installed the supported version of Transmission and TorrentWatch-X in a couple of minutes (note to self, TorrentWatch-X requires you to add individual shows as favorites in order to download them automatically, took me a while to figure out!).

Third, YAMJ is a great addition –  see here Looking at skins took me a while, especially since I run an old SD TV, I have settled at least temporarily on a skin called sd