PfSense – Make your own router!

Pfsense is an operating system that allows you to transform a spare computer with 2 network cards into a state of the art router with more options than you could ever dream off!

Caveat, not just any old computer. My first attempt was on a Pentium III, 512 GB RAM and I think that is why I had to go back to my Linksys after a couple of weeks because of packet dropping and random kernel panics. I will make a second attempt on a better spec machine time permitting. If that doesn’t work, maybe I need to upgrade my network cards.

Main advantages:

– vhosts – host your website on your router! vhosts-http needs to be started as a service (Status->Services) and status will not show as started (but it works fine). Also to note, address for vhost01.local on 8001/ is

– FTP access – username is root by default with the same password than the web console.

– PeerGuardian package – Uses blacklists to let you download in peace!