NAS Server – Part 3

Let’s say based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32 bit

Requirements 10GB harddrive space, min 512 MB RAM according to Ubuntu website.

Simple solution, samba shares managed from desktop GUI with scheduled backups through luckybackup  at for copying to shadow drives (ie non shared) -> full run down at

This for ideas but CrashPlan seems overkill when I want to have the backup drives in the same machine than the “shared” ones –

Next, figure out filesystems!  I think NTFS to stay safe and have compatibility all around. See for reference.


NAS Server – Part 2

Again a Solaris NAS server

Webmin/Ubuntu Server?

Zentyal as alternative to webmin – (not really if Zentyal installer is recommended and install Ubuntu Server LTS as part of the installer, whereas you install Ubuntu Server first and then webmin on top, which you can then uninstall if you wish to do so)
Ajenti as alternative to webmin – (not really stable/documented enough)

Everything ready to go?