Setting up Ubuntu as a file server

Well, I thought I would be clever by installing GUI tools to mount the drives (Device Storage Manager), luckyBackup (name is quite obvious) and Wake-On-Plan (to manage the computer going to sleep and waking up at specific times) but quickly found some issues (as a disclaimer, it is probably related to my set-up rather the tools themselves).

Device Storage Manager did mount my NFS drives fine but I couldn’t write to them until I edited /etc/fstab manually and added the UTF-8 option.

luckyBackup just kept giving my rsync errors (code 23 for what it is worth) in standard user mode and I couldn’t get it to run from the crontab as superuser so I ended up writing a 2-line rsync command myself and that seems to run fine (2.5 TB of data to go through so it is still running from this morning!)

Wake-On-Plan installed fine but the GUI just doesn’t open. I will try next to schedule a script with the rtcwake command and see how I get on.