Self Hosted Web Applications

I have been looking around for a replacement for iGoogle for a while now and have tried several mainstream alternatives, amongst others Netvibes and Evernotes, and none of them really suited me. After scrutinizing what I was using iGoogle for, I realized that I was using mostly the “My Listy” widget and decided to focus my search on that. Available services in that light don’t seem to offer a simple and lightweight solution for this so I started looking at self-hosted solutions. Owncloud doesn’t do a great job to simply add/edit/delete notes and I ended up trying 2 options – myTinyToDo ( and Shaarli ( on my own server.

So far, my favorite is myTinyToDo, it looks nice and does everything I want it to do. Shaarli has a lot more features but nothing I would really need… More to come once I spend time with both services!