Iscsi,Storage and ESXi – Part 1

I got annoyed at the datastore in ESXi being only accessible via winSCP. No Samba, or any option to share the ISOs. So I have started looking at enabling iSCSI storage on one of the VMs so I could easily share ISOs and back them up across the network.

To enable iSCSI on a standard Ubuntu 12.04 LTS install,I followed those instructions Very detailled and well-written,only think that caught me is that in the target definition, ScsiId is an upper case i and not an l, stupid typo.

Target iqn.2012-05.local.mynet:storage.sys0
Lun 0 Path=/media/volume0/storlun0.bin,Type=fileio,ScsiId=lun0,ScsiSN=lun0

And what I realized is that when you add it as a datastore to ESXi,it gets formatted in vmfx format, which Windows doesn’t know what to do with! Dead end so…