beets: the music geek’s media organizer


Command line Python-based music organizer, seems to work quite nicely from initial testing.

Install Notes on regular Ubuntu 12.04 LTSP:

  • Install beets – sudo pip install beets
  • Copy /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/beets/config_default.yaml to /home/mathieu/.config/beets/config.yaml
  • Install pylast (for the genre plugin) – sudo pip install pylast (more info at
  • Edit config.yaml to change directory value to where you want the organized files to be located, add the following plugins [convert, fetchart, embedart, lastgenre]
  • To run, beet import /WhereYouWantTheFilesToBeImportedFrom
  • To reset, beet remove -d

I am still having issues with the convert piece, I installed ffmpeg and the additional package for mp3 encoding (sudo apt-get install libavcode-extra-53), the encoding works fine from the WinFF front-end but beet just skips over the .wma files when importing so I am guessing after re-reading the plugin description ( that it only works on the way out, ie once the files are already in the library?