Python Resources Part 1

The default Django tutorial – Excellent and a great introduction!

Some other tutorials to check out

Python Apps


Installation (note – pick version 1.5)

Tips and Tricks

Other Interesting



RAR Extracter for Mac OSX

Trying TheUnArchiver from – free ad works exactely like it says on the tin.

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Firewall for Mac OSX

Trying to NoobProof from

EDIT: Works as advertised, at least for blocking outgoing connections to specific URLs, which is what I was looking for (through blacklists). It is merely a GUI for the ipfw firewall installed by default (that’s what the “regular” firewall uses, except the UI for that only allows you to block incoming connections) and so in order for it to be active, you need to have the regular firewall turned on.

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Levinux – Making addition of Django python framework permanent

EDIT: Doesn’t work. For some reason, I am missing the django cache module and the paths are still messed up. Need more research.

Levinux is a Micro Core Linux virtual appliance geared towards python development. Problem is it is core python only and I wanted to use a python framework called Django but the django module kept disppearing between restarts. To make the addition of the framework permanent,

  • Add in /opt/.filetool.lst the following line


  • Run the following command to save the changes -b



Mac – Password Manager

I like the idea of a local database that I replicate on different machines using DropBox (that’s LastPass out), I couldn’t get Keepass to work (crashed upon launch despite a successful install of Mono and XQuartz) and Dashlane seems to only work through its browser plugins (ie I can’t just copy a password to the clipboard).

Since I am using PasswordSafe on Windows and Linux, I tried to install PasswordSafe with WineBottler and it worked to the extent I can open the PasswordSafe database but copy to Clipboard didn’t work.

I then tried PasswordGorilla, a clone of PasswordSafe (as per that has installers for Windows, Linux and Mac AND works with existing 3.x PasswordSafe databases (which then can be re-opened with PasswordSafe on Windows) – details at and downloads at So I’ll give it a shot and update this post if it doesn’t work out.

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Mac – Burn an ISO to USB

Extract from

– Insert USB Stick

– Open Disk Utility, Click ERASE. Format USB using MS-DOS (FAT)

– When Disk appears in Left hand column, right click and get Information (note down the “Disk Identifier : eg disk6”)

– Then right click the Disk and select Unmount. (the drive still shows but the disk unmounts)

– Switching to the Terminal App

– Change to superuser / root, by issuing:

sudo su – (then enter your password)

– Change directory to where ever your recently downloaded .iso image is stored, eg: Downloads – My file iso is called ubuntu-11.04-server-amd64.iso, (approx 650mb) so use the following command:

dd if=ubuntu-11.04-server-amd64.iso of=/dev/disk6 bs=8192

– This will start copying the file to the USB stick. There is no “verbose” or screen “output” of what is happening. But after 15mins you should see something like:

Mac-Pro: Downloads root# dd if=ubuntu-11.04-server-amd64.iso of=/dev/disk6 bs=8192 86222+0 records in 86222+0 records out 706330624 bytes transferred in 461.654162 secs (1529999 bytes/sec)

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