AOLbox Inventel D5213 – Flashing and Open WRT

DISCLAIMER – this didn’t work for me, I ended up on the default interface disabling the DCHP server functionality and using the box to share USB drives over the network.

The main Steps

  • Downgrade to version < 5.04 (which has an exploit allowing to turn SSH on)
  • Enable SSH
  • Flash OpenWRT

1 – Downgrade to version < 5.04

– Download firmware v5.04 from

– Install RGWRepair.exe (from install CD or also included in zip file above) and flash Livebox – essentials notes from are below

Hookup everything with the Livebox powered off. Make sure that there is no ADSL feed to the Livebox. Then run the RGWRepair.exe (Note: if you are so unlucky as to be running this under Vista, be sure to launch this as ‘admin’ – if you are on Win7, there are reports that it might not work at all!). On the screen where you are asked to choose your network adaptor and firmware, select the network adaptor that you have plugged the patch cable into and then select the firmware file ‘firmware_5_04_3-uk.dwb’.

2- Enable SSH

Once flashed and downgraded to old firmware, enable SSH by following the following steps at

Would I then be able use the box as a network USB server by running 7. Stopping ‘phone home’ behaviour and Network Access on the same page, without having to proceed with the openWRT install?

3- Install OpenWRT

Follow those instructions at (to use pre-compiled images as opposed to building our own as suggested by openWRT page at

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