Mac – Password Manager

I like the idea of a local database that I replicate on different machines using DropBox (that’s LastPass out), I couldn’t get Keepass to work (crashed upon launch despite a successful install of Mono and XQuartz) and Dashlane seems to only work through its browser plugins (ie I can’t just copy a password to the clipboard).

Since I am using PasswordSafe on Windows and Linux, I tried to install PasswordSafe with WineBottler and it worked to the extent I can open the PasswordSafe database but copy to Clipboard didn’t work.

I then tried PasswordGorilla, a clone of PasswordSafe (as per that has installers for Windows, Linux and Mac AND works with existing 3.x PasswordSafe databases (which then can be re-opened with PasswordSafe on Windows) – details at and downloads at So I’ll give it a shot and update this post if it doesn’t work out.