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Choosing a Software Framework – Which indicators to use?

There are a number of reasons to investigate a new technology (existing one falling into a nice, vendor support being abandoned…) and a multitude of “outside” requirements very specific to each company (needs to play nice with Java, CMS system available built on that stack…) for which we won’t go into further details. As of late, I have had to look into alternative technologies after it became apparent that my company’s current one is in serious decline, which impacts on the availability of experienced developers as well as cast a doubt on the futureproof-ness of the applications developed in that technology.

What I would like to put out there are the indicators I have used to “grade” the different combinations I have looked into.

We will concentrate on the language and the framework component of software framework, leaving IDEs and support programs aside from the moment. Because that’s what I know, I have consciously limited my search to MVC (Model-View-Controller) frameworks. There is some good background information available here.

What I have so far (with a couple of examples of the data available, the list is by no means exhaustive):