Tiny Core Linux v5.3 and a new webserver set-up

My little HP Thinclient is still going strong and I decided to upgrade my USB-powered web server to the latest version (5.3) of Tiny Core Linux. As part of the process and rather to upgrade all the components as they were, I decided to review my set-up and go for as small and resource efficient as possible. I don’t like the WordPress latest upgrades to the UI and admin sections and I still had occasional problems with the SQL database getting corrupted after powercuts and other sudden power downs.

As my landing page, I went for a very nice free bootstrap theme – http://startbootstrap.com/template-overviews/freelancer/ running on nginx. For convenience’s sake, I also installed Droopy (http://stackp.online.fr/?p=28, nice piece of software to allow me to upload files directly on my web server through a web page, as content for my blog or just when on the go to retrieve later) and the best blog platform I could find around, Ghost. Both are served to the outside world through proxies set-up in nginx.

I will detail the steps of the set-up in future posts.