Installing ColdFusion 2016 on Windows Server 2016

As you may know from attempting it, running the ColdFusion 2016 installer as downloaded from the Adobe site throws an error as below on a Windows Server 2016 machine.

Looking into it and as per, ColdFusion 2016 doesn’t support Windows Server 2016 at the time of writing (see but ColdFusion Express 2016 seems to work (requires no installation, see so it appears to be an installer-only issue.

Workaround for it is relatively simple:

  • Install Java on the machine – I went with Java 8 update 31
  • Run the exe as downloaded from the Adobe site from a command prompt window ran as administrator
C:\...\Downloads>ColdFusion_2016_WWEJ_win64.exe LAX_VM C:\Java8\jre1.8.0_31\bin\java.exe

And everything installed as normal. I have yet only been as far as confirming the service run and accessing the ColdFusion web Admin console so there might be some some surprises but the installation at last worked.


Dell XPS, Windows 8.1 and DisplayLink D3100 Docking Station

So I am now the happy owner of a new Dell XPS 15 running Windows 8.1, along with a D3100 docking station.

Now, the problem is, the drivers provided by Dell with the D3100 docking station (DisplayLink) refuse to install. I get the license agreement windows and click on OK, nothing happens and the folder for the DisplayLink software isn’t even created  as it should under C:\Program Files\DisplayLink Core Software\.

I tried every single version of the Dell drivers supporting Windows 8.1 and a lot of the drivers provided by DisplayLink themselves, trying to boot into Safe Mode to install, running the DisplayLink uninstaller and trying again… All without any luck until I came across this post entry on the DisplayLink forums –

And I finally got the DisplayLink software and drivers to install by running the 7.4M2 driver from the DisplayLink website in Windows 7 compatibility mode (otherwise it still doesn’t work) and I have at least an image on my stand alone monitor when I plug in the docking station! I haven’t gone through any further set-up of the extended display of of yet but will update this post when I do.

Virtualbox/Ubuntu 14.04 Hypervisor

Quick notes on setting up Virtualbox on a Ubuntu 14.04 install to manage remotely (like an hypervisor) using phpvirtualbox.

Take note of the Grub installation issue (happens to me every time on VM install) –
And cherry on the cake, a handy script to start your VMs at boot automatically –