Google Reader Replacement

I must admit I wasn’t sold on the online options, nothing seems to be quite to the same standard and maturity and a short stint with showed me weird behavior such as feeds not refreshing,  entries showing twice…

So I went with my initial thought and looked at self-hosting. Tiny Tiny RSS does the job but isn’t very pretty and more importantly its auto-update feature every couple of minutes (as far as I can see, this can’t be configured) confuses the company firewall, which ends up requiring authentication (I am running Tiny Tiny RSS behind HTTP authentication) every single time. Not a great browsing experience!

Next in my list of experiments is Lilina. No categories and still in alpha but looks pretty, nice three panes home page and no auto-update, you press the update button yourself, which suits me better. However there isn’t any button to mark posts as read…


Web Server for Windows – Z-WAMP

Always found WAMP too big, too heavy and in the end never doing what I wanted it to do. I thought I would try something different and a quick research failing to provide an easy option for an equivalent package using NGYNX instead of apache, I settled for Z-WAMP, which is lightweight and doesn’t require installation, and works perfectly so far, see for details.


VPN, SoftEther VPN and VPN Gate

Original reference –

SoftEther VPN – Open Source VPN software

VPN Gate Plug-in for SoftEther VPN that automatically lists all anonymous VPNs registered with the project that you can connect with.

Note: In order to have SoftEther VPN with the VPN Gate plug-in, you need to download a special version with the plug-in embedded at

Tutorial –