Tiny Core Linux – Part 6 – Back to the drawing board!

Things are starting to behave strangely with the /usr/local/mysql/data folder refusing to back up, 2 cron processes being kicked off at start-up and no SSH service!!! Data corruption in the mydata.gz file? USB key physical failure?

Time to get back to the drawing board… Easier, simpler and more backed-up than ever! Hopefully…

My leads so far:

Web Server Strategy
– OS: TinyCore Linux – run off frugal install on USB
– Required software: Dropbear, Apache with PHP support, MYSQL

– WordPress install

– WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin AND simple-restore tool
+Modify .htaccess to allow access to wp-cron.php, see http://wordpress.org/support/topic/why-won%E2%80%99t-my-backup-start

Run filetool.sh -b ONCE (once set-up is complete with empty wordpress install complete with the 2 plugins and restore tool) and leave it as a manual process.

For smoother integration (and a chance to automatically restore after shutdown, so far the restore options are manual only), check http://wordpress.org/plugins/backupwordpress/faq/, this would require to mount //popcorn at boot, restore backup from //popcorn at boot and back up to //popcorn on a schedule…

TEST IT! In theory, this should eliminate any requirement to run filetool.sh -b on a schedule (no cron, no massive backup file, no data corruption). Just backup the wordpress install to dropbox using wordpress built-in plugins and restore at boot time.

To extend WordPress

For overall reference

Once I get the chance to actually do those, I’ll post a follow-up.